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You may use the search fields below to find contact information directly to municipal employees, departments or units.

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General requests (Monday-Friday 08.00-15.30)
Municipal property related fees and payment (Monday-Friday 09.00-11.00 og 12.00-14.00)
Taxes and tax payment (Monday-Friday 08.30-11.00 og 12.00-15.00)
Public Archive Services (Monday-Friday 09.00-11.00 og 12.00-15.00)

Trondheim Municipality on Facebook (Trondheim kommune)

City Maintenance Services

Contact Forms and information - Trondheim bydrift (in Norwegian)

E-mail address



Main number: 72 54 00 00   

Emergency call

Child Care (Police): 02800
Municipal emergency ward: 116117
Emergencies regarding municipal buildings: 73 53 78 17
Emergencies regarding municipal water infrastructure: 72 54 64 49

Emergency services (in Norwegian)

Visiting address

Public Service Desk at Bytorget, Erling Skakkes gate 14.
or at City Hall (Rådhuset), Munkegata 1.


Postal address

Common postal address for municipal units:

Trondheim kommune
(name of unit)
Postboks 2300 Torgarden
7004 Trondheim 

Invoice address

Trondheim kommune
TK org.kode: "XXXXXX" (Use unit search field on this page to find the 6 number code under their contact information). 
Postboks 2399 Torgarden

Organisation number

942 110 464

LEI code: 

5967007LIEEXZXGFMW72 (www.glei.no)

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